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Promotions and Data Collection Though Your Packaging and Printing

Extremely Fast to implement:

     Labels can be designed and printed within a week.

     Labels can be applied by your existing equipment or using a reliable labeling machine like a LabelOn™ self-adhesive
label applicator.

     Your company avatar can be created in a matter of weeks.

     With your company avatars already designed; different campaigns can be set to run in a few hours.

Packaging Promotion

Targeted marketing spend; Your company ONLY PAYS when your consumer has agreed to play.

Changes to the campaign including, prizes, messages or offers can be implemented on the fly while your promotionally labelled products are out in the field.

Your company gets its message out to your consumer in the field.

Your clients carry a reminder of your company and its products for as long as they have an offer or prize to redeem using their Mobile phone.

Your company collects data about your clients and what they purchase.

You have that Holy Grail of marketing; CONSUMER DATA that is directly related to your products and your marketing efforts.