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Customer Retention and Engagement thru Mobile Messaging
Real Customer Engagement Matters

Customer Engagement Thru

On Pack Promotions


Consumer Expectations Have Changed

Brand Needs to be





Adeneli and Benefel have been asked to look after the On Pack promotions of the Tribe technology. Essentially we call this part of Tribe the Inbound Campaigns.

This kind of Dynamic Promotion and Data Collecting competes, and in most cases, goes well beyond what Big Brand Companies have been trying to do with budgets 100’s of times bigger.

There are two ways for customers to engage in the Promotions which can BOTH be in use:

  1. Scan a Unique Variable QR code
  2.  SMS a Mobile Number with a variable Number that might be printed with a QR code or on its own

Try It

You can use your Mobile phone to scan some of these QR codes below.

You may need to magnify your Browser view if on a small computer screen “Ctrl+”.

Examples below are for demonstration purposes only prizes and offers shown are not active and can not be claimed.

20220722 TribePOSReceiptCoupons1600x700


Don’t Settle For Less, experience Tribe Now!

20220722 Three Examples QR on Liner

With our experience in the Packaging industry…

We can advise or facilitate the Variable Data requirement on your packaging. With our knowledge and experience with Tribe we can make the marketing side of things very straight forward with the packages available.