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Monetize your Social Presence



Brand Owner has a large Social Media Presence, but no relationship with followers.


Better influence followers choice at store front, Develop a direct and interactive relationship with your followers while developing a database populated with Follower insight, become a category leader in the marketing sphere.

Meemio Marketing Platform

The technology:

meemio® is a Mobile and Social Media Marketing platform. It facilitates seamless creation of branded animation or rich media, gamification options (ie scratch-offs) and redemption methods within a promotion that can be delivered through multiple channels, including QR codes on pack.

Meemio provides very high levels of trust, acceptance and completion, with extended engagement times that average 82 seconds per user. Compared to email marketing completion rates of around 2-10%, meemio delivers up to 72% completion rates due to the compelling interactive nature and gamification of the delivery.

Meemio Data

Meemio Marketing Platform

social media marketing

To the consumer:


Provide an exciting engaging scratch off with every purchase and an instant chance to win, with instant prizes redeemable in store.

social media marketing

Meemio Marketing Platform

celphone marketing

To the brand owner:

  • Build a direct relationship with your Followers
  • Increase sales
  • Gain customer insight to develop hyper effective one-to-one marketing strategies (who, what and when) and to build balance sheet value in your business
  • Market better and smarter than your major competitors by being out front on the mobile wave
  • Get your customers to opt into direct promotions
celphone marketing

Meemio Marketing Platform

Moving forward with Social Media:

Meemio® has avatar experts and social media advisers that will help you through the production set-up and social media advertising propositions to clients.

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Meemio Data

Do you represent someone who have a strong web presence?

You can now offer your sponsors a data collecting endorsement that was never possible before.